Tuesday, June 9, 2009

On Background, Why a forum?

I'm hoping this blogspot will end up being more of a "How are we gonna..." rather than a "How-to" per se. So, I'm hoping for a good exchange of ideas on how to cut costs while taking advantage of the pleasantness that is Ann Arbor. I am on a quest to learn how to be more frugal and would love to hear from others who are the same.

Terry Prisk is a man who got an epiphany while on I-96. He says on his Web site that God spoke directly to him on that highway and now he's lead pastor of The River Community Church up in Livingston County. So if Prisk can get an idea while in traffic to start a church, maybe it's okay that I got the idea for a blog forum while making tortillas?

At first, I came to be making my own handmade flour tortillas in an effort to save a little money. But they ended up tasting way better than store-bought fare and quickly became a family favorite. Most of the time it's either spend time to save money or spend money to save time. Surprisingly, tortillas, I am happy to report, don't take much time at all.

You can let the dough rest about 15-20 minutes or so. That gives you enough time to tackle a little task in the meantime. (I called a doctor's office, went through it's phone tree and had a question answered about my daughter's surgery.) Total estimated time of actual work to make about 8 tortillas = 12 minutes or so. Time chatting with family as you do it + the much yummier taste = priceless. Added bonus: It saves you about $2.69 compared to a bag of flour tortillas at the store so you are doing work at about $13.45 an hour at that rate of cost savings. Not bad. And remember, $2.69 could get you a latte at one of our nearby Espresso Royales.

So that's just one little quick, easy way to save a little money. Please share your ways:)

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  1. That's a great idea. Can you send me or post the recipe for the tortillas?